RFMISO Team building 2023

Recently, RFMISO carried out a unique team-building activity and achieved extremely successful results.


The company specially organized a team baseball game and a series of exciting mini-games for everyone to participate in this event. After the event started, all colleagues performed actively in the project competition, gave full play to teamwork, were not afraid of difficulties and had the courage to fight, and successfully completed one challenge after another. The entire event was passionate, warm and harmonious. Every colleague achieved good results through their own efforts and hard work.

This team-building activity not only enhances the tacit understanding among colleagues, but also provides an opportunity for all employees to communicate and learn. At the evening party after the competition, everyone sat together and shared their experience and skills at work, which also enabled RFMISO employees to learn more knowledge during this team building. This knowledge not only enriches our professional capabilities, but also broadens our horizons and improves our work level.


RFMISO is a high-tech enterprise that is brave in hard work and full of creativity and passion. In the future, we will continue to make progress in antenna technology and product research and development to bring customers a better product and service experience.
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Post time: Sep-14-2023

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