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RF MISO has taken "quality as the core competitiveness and integrity as the lifeline ofthe enterprise" as our company's core values since its establishment. "Sincere focus,innovation and enterprising, pursuit of excellence, harmony and win-win" is ourbusiness philosophy. Customer satisfaction comes from satisfaction with productquality on the one hand, and more importantly, long-term after-sales servicesatisfaction. We will provide customers with comprehensive pre-sales and after-salesservices.

Pre-sale Service

About Product Data

After receiving the customer's inquiry, we will first match the customer with theappropriate product according to the customer's needs and provide simulation dataof the product so that the customer can intuitively judge the suitability of theproduct.

About Product Testing and Debugging

After the product production is completed, our testing department will test theproduct and compare the test data and simulation data. If the test data is abnormal,testers will analyze and debug the product to meet customer index requirements asdelivery standards.

About the Test Report

If it is a standard model product, we will provide customers with a copy of the actualtest data when the product is delivered. (This test data is data obtained from randomtesting after mass production. For example, 5 out of 100 are sampled and tested, forexample, 1 out of 10 is sampled and tested.) In addition, when each product (antenna) is produced, we will (antenna) to make measurements. A set of VSWR testdata is provided free of charge. 

If it is a customized product, we will provide a free VSWR test report. If you need totest other data, please let us know before purchasing.

After-sales Service

About Technical Support

For any technical issues within the product range, including design consultation,installation guidance, etc., we will respond as soon as possible and provideprofessional after-sales technical support.

About Product Warranty

Our company has set up a quality inspection office in Europe, namely the Germanafter-sales service center EM Insight, to provide customers with product verificationand maintenance services, thereby improving the convenience and reliability ofproduct after-sales. The specific terms are as follows:

A. Free warranty terms
1. The warranty period of RF MISO products is one year, starting from the date ofreceipt.
2. Free warranty scope: Under normal use, the product indicators and parameters donot meet the indicators agreed in the specification sheet.
B. Charge warranty terms
1. During the warranty period, if the product is damaged due to improper use, RFMISO will provide repair services for the product, but a fee will be charged. Thespecific cost is determined by the evaluation of the RF MISO Quality InspectionDepartment.
2. After the warranty period, RF MISO will still provide maintenance for the product,but a fee will be charged. The specific cost is determined by the evaluation of the RFMISO Quality Inspection Department.
3. The warranty period of the repaired product, as a special part, will be extended for6 months. If the original shelf life and the extended shelf life overlap, the longer shelflife shall apply.
C. Disclaimer
1. Any product that does not belong to RF MISO.
2. Any products (including parts and accessories) that have been modified ordisassembled without authorization from RF MISO.
3. Extend the warranty period for products (including parts and accessories) thathave expired.
4. The product cannot be used due to the customer's own reasons. Including, but notlimited to changes in indicators, selection errors, changes in usage environment, etc.

D. Our company reserves the final right to interpret these regulations.

About Returns and Exchanges


1. Replacement requests must be made within 7 days after receiving the product.Expiration will not be accepted.

2. The product must not be damaged in any way, including performance andappearance. After being confirmed as qualified by our quality inspection department,it will be replaced.

3. The purchaser is not allowed to disassemble or assemble the product withoutpermission. If it is disassembled or assembled without permission, it will not bereplaced.

4. The purchaser shall bear all costs incurred in replacing the product, including butnot limited to freight.

5. If the price of the replacement product is greater than the price of the originalproduct, the difference must be made up. If the amount of the replacement product is less than the original purchase amount, our company will refund the differenceafter deducting the relevant fees within one week after the replacement product isreturned and the product passes the inspection.

6. Once the product is sold, it cannot be returned.

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