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RF MISO is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of antennas and communication devices. We have been committed to the R&D, innovation, design, production and sales of antennas and communication devices. Our team is composed of doctors, masters, senior engineers and skilled front-line workers, with solid professional theoretical foundation and rich practical experience. Our products are widely used in various commercial, experiments, test systems and many other applications.

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  • Vacuum Brazing Process
After the antenna is manufactured, advanced equipment and test methods will be used to test and verify the antenna product, and a test report including standing wave, gain, and gain pattern can be provided.
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Relying on rich experience in antenna design, R&D team adopt advanced design methods and simulation methods for product design, and develop suitable antennas for customers' projects.
The rotating joint device can achieve 45° and 90° polarization switching, which greatly improves efficiency in practical applications.
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Antenna testing

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RF Miso has large-scale vacuum brazing equipment, advanced brazing technology, strict assembly requirements and rich welding experience. We are able to solder THz waveguide antennas, complex water cooled boards and water cooled chassis. The product strength of RF Miso welding, the weld seam is almost invisible, and more than 20 layers of parts can be welded into one. Received unanimous praise from customers.
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